The Cubby Faville Memorial Fund is a non profit organization which was started to honor the memory of Everett “Cubby” Faville.  The funds primary objective is to promote education and sports among youth.

Since 2014, The Cubby Faville Memorial Fund has worked to help our local youth.  Below are some of the things the fund has been able to provide due to the generosity of our business sponsors as well as all of the great people who majorly support us by participating in our annual golf tournament.

Without their support none of this would be possible.  We cannot express enough how grateful we are to them.

What’s Been Possible So Far?

  • Bullpen at Gloversville Little League
  • Scoreboard at Johnstown Little League
  • Scholarships to youth baseball camp
  • Assistance to Donor Families through Donate Life
  • Books for the Johstown accelerated reader program
  • A new stove to help Amsterdam Junior Iron Chefs